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Photo credits

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Papal Coat of Arms, Georgina Masson/The Companion Guide to Rome (all editions)

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Illustrations of all stemmi are from Wikimedia Commons and/or 'European Heraldry'

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Aldobrandini thunderrbolt and stars, © Stefano Valeri/Dreamstime

Piccolomini crest in Siena, with blue cross, © Sailko/Wikimedia

Piccolomini crest in Pienza, © Roberto Pinerno/Rome Art Lover

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Piccolomini Library Ceiling, © Elke Wetzig/Wikimedia Commons

Pavimento Libreria/Siena Opera della Metropolitana

Piccolomini Library/Web Gallery of Art

Medici stemma/Musei Vaticani

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Shield on the corner of Palazzo Arcivescovile, Florence © theflorentine.net

Page 6

Spada crest, © Archimede/eurekamania.it

Spada crest, detail, © Archimede/eurekamania.it

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Chigi exterior detail, © roma.andreapollett.com

Chigi detail over window, © David Lown/Walks in Rome

Page 8

Della Rovere stemma, © Roberto Pinerno/Rome Art Lover

Pope Julius II, Raphael, 1511-1512; Portrait of Pope Julius II, Raphael, 1511--12,

     oil on canvas, National Gallery, London/public domain

Soffit detail, © Guldtaender/reddit.com

Corner detail, © David Lown/Walks in Rome

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Doria Pamphili dove and lilies, © Jebulon/Wikimedia Commons

Pamphili pediment over entrance, © Roberto Pinerno/Rome Art Lover

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Palazzo Farnese, stemma over entrance, © Livioandronico2013/WikiMedia Commons

Pope Paul III Farnese Titian 1543, Ritratto di Paolo III, Titian, 1543,

     oil on canvas, Museo di Capodimonte/public domain

Page 11

Piazza Farnese fountain, © FrDr/Wikipedia

Wood ceiling at Palazzo Farnese, detail, © Tuljak!

Palazzo Farneze, detail of frieze, © Roberto Pinerno/Rome Art Lover

Palazzo Farneze, detail of facade showing French flag, World Monuments Fund

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Stained glass window at Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome, © David Lown/Walks in Rome

Pope Urban VIII, Pietro da Cortona, ca 1624, Ritratto di Urbano VIII, Pietro da Cortona,

     oil on canvas, Musei Capitolini/public domain