Educator/Master Teacher


Judith DiMaio has been a well-respected architect and academic for more than 35 years. Coining the term “trans-historical” methodology, she applies her singular approach to teaching design and problem solving. Her educational reach has extended to public television (PBS), where she has been featured in Going Places: Tuscany, a travel series hosted by Al Roker.          

Her unorthodox approach employs a unique, nonlinear, and non-chronological approach to history, working backwards and forward in time, to bring a deeper understanding of the nature of architecture. DiMaio has been recognized as a master teacher and master architect. The American Institute of Architects acknowledges that, “her expertise and methodology have resulted in the expansion of the architectural lexicon and the repositioning of history as an active and speculative component in the design process for students and professionals alike.”

With Notre Dame graduate student in Venice

DiMaio's goal is to involve diverse individuals from the professions of architecture and education, using dialogue as a catalyst for critical thinking and transparency.

  ...working backward and forward in time...

In conversation with architect Farzana Gandhi, New York

Going Places: Tuscany, PBS 1997

16th Century Transparency: The Kiss, fresco, Jacopo Bertoia, Il Municipio, Parma, Italy

20th Century Transparency: The Danteum, Paradise, represented by 36 crystal columns, Terragni, 1938, unbuilt, rendering

Overlapping Surfaces

Detail, garden facade for the display of bronze reliefs, private residence, Rye, NY Architect: Judith DiMaio Muralist: Richard J Haas

The Allegory of Love, Agnolo Bronzino, 16th Century Italian     

Garden facade, Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Italy, Vignola, 16th Century

In discussion with Yale undergraduates

Mariangela Riggio/Studio SerEla

Chun y Lai Photography

With NYIT students at Corbusier's Villa Stein-de Monzie, Vaucresson, France

Collage by Matt Dockery

Engel Brothers Media