Client comments: Judith DiMaio is a firecracker of an architect, scholar and educator, who lives and breathes the architecture and art of Rome. We recently spent the day with her visiting some of her favorite places in the Campus Martius in the heart of la Cittá Eterna. Ours was a group of travelers who had rallied around me for an immersion in the art and architecture of Rome for about ten days. Some, but not all, were architects and others were from various backgrounds with varying familiarity with Rome. Unlike many, and indeed most guides—and Judy is not a guide—who are content to rattle off countless remotely-relevant facts and details, often oblivious to what we are looking at—Judy gets to the heart of the matter, and what is pertinent about what we are seeing and experiencing, and why it is (or should be) interesting and meaningful to us. She spins a web of vivid storytelling and description of what is before us and draws on her own profound knowledge to bring meaning to what we are seeing and experiencing. All this is drawn from a rich lifetime devoted to the study of Rome, and also her time spent with many of the great figures from past scholarship, like Colin Rowe with whom she studied and spent time together in Rome. An experience with Judy in Rome will be an immersion like no other! 

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"The lesson of Rome." Le Corbusier, from Towards a New Architecture, 1923

Client: Stephen Harby Invitational Travel: Rome, Continuity and Change — The City Layered by Time

Themed Walk: "In the Eclectic Footsteps of Colin Rowe: A Stroll through the Campus Martius. Rome.” February 2023

Judith DiMaio, Invited Speaker: “Rome: The Lost and Unknown City (Roma: Ignota e Perduta), Bits and Pieces.” Venue: Auditorium, Hotel Nazionale, Rome, February, 2023

Funerary memorial to Nicolas Poussin. erected between 1828 and 1832 by Chateaubriand, the French writer and diplomat

Mannerism, Francesco Salviati, Stories of David, details, Sala d'Udienza, Palazzo Ricci-Sachetti, Rome

Stephen Harby Invitational Travel, Destinations around the Globe

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Colin Rowe, Giardino Segretto, Caprarola

Matthew Bell

Villa Madama

Godess of Health

Fireworks at Castel Sant'Angelo

Mr Thomas Hope

The Island ‘Retreat

Villa Madama, Rome, Robert Hubert, ca.1760, wash drawing, State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Public domain

La Girandola di Castel Sant'Angelo, Franz Theodor Aerni, painting, ca. 1874, Museo di Roma, Trastevere, Rome, Public domain

A Portrait of Thomas Hope in Turkish Costume, Sir William Beechey, 1798, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery, London,

© National Portrait Gallery, London, by permission

Isola Segreta, Judith DiMaio, 1978, pen and pencil on trace, MAXXI, Rome, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo

Lady Hamilton as the goddess of health, while being exhibited in that character by Dr Graham in Pall Mall,  Richard Cosway, ca 1785, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Santa Maria in Campitelli. Colin most admired the rigor of the Rainaldi plan and the resulting spatial organization

What is Meant by 'The Art of Looking?'

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.....One moment is enough if the concentration is absolute.

Bernard Berenson