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Restoration and redevelopment, a collaboration, Tipaza, Algeria

The area in question: a stretch of beachfront resort complexes along the Algerian coast just west of Algiers, adjacent to a Roman-era 'colonia,' Tipasaits archaeological park is visible from the abandoned resort.

Leo Fabrizio









Typical ruins of an abandoned beachfront resort at Tipaza, just west of Algiers. The Roman archeological park can be seen in the distance.

Nolli's Rome, Judy's preeminent domain.

Giovanni Cozzani

Leo Fabrizio

Cultural Investments—Rome: Close Reads Consultancy is in discussion with a New York-based enterprise looking to establish a footprint in Rome with diverse offerings to an international clientele. Their goal with regards to culture is to create opportunities of a unique nature. DiMaio's expertise and in-depth knowledge of Rome, and her ability to create the aura or essence of Rome, by way of storytelling, has been brought to their attention. Discussions are currently underway.

The Impetus: is saving the abandoned beachfront resorts and holiday villages spread along the Algerian coast. Tipaza is the focus of our venture, and is one of many dotting the coast.

They were conceived, designed and built during the Post-Algerian Colonization and intended as beacons of Algeria's new independence. Some along Algiers 'Golden Horn' have already been restored and renewed.


Judith DiMaio Architect FAIA RIBA

Judy DiMaio

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What is Meant by 'The Art of Looking?'

.....One moment is enough if the concentration is absolute.

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